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The Art ofCulinary

Our Projects

Pop-Up Restaurant

"Honnête cuisine", our first Pop-Up Restaurant inspired by 'haute cuisine':
Ars Culinaria, the art of cooking, in the truest sense of the word ‘haute cuisine’ and yet so untrue, so dishonest.


Nevertheless, we celebrate this art, just a little more honestly. Honest portion sizes, local, seasonal and well-known ingredients, prepared with passion and finesse.


Plantbased of course. Artfully arranged, a painting on the plate, told eloquently at the table as a story. A firework of flavours, colours, smells, textures.

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Food Court

As part of a food court with other food concepts, we brought some culinary newness to the office area in Zürich Binz.

During six months, we were not only serving healthy fast food dishes to the neighborhood but also growing the cultural offering at the court. Weekend Brunches with DJ Beats and live summer concerts were  a good start before we decided to take over a real restaurant! 

Catering & Events

Versatile offering

  • high-end private cooking

  • 120 pax Company Christmas Party

  • various Business Lunches between 12 and 70pax

Bulletproof organizing

  • Planning & Catering of a three-day Wedding

  • three caterings on the same day

  • last minute catering for the next day

Do NOT contact us for your event if:

  • Sandwiches, grissini and crudité with hummus are enough to make your foodie heart happy

  • You compare the price of exclusively cooked food for your event to restaurant prices

  • You don't know your budget

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Züri Fest 2023 inspired us to create a hot dog concept named "Züridogz". Plantbased hot dogs insanely stuffed with good ingredients getting guests addicted.

The marketing was provocative and socially critical but in the most loving way: Zu Reich Dog, Tschingge Dog and Jugo Dog - a clash between "too rich Zürich" - a word game - and the two ethnic groups that as working class played a major role in creating a wealthy Switzerland in the 80's and 90's. The guest feedbacks were 5/5 :)

Restaurant SEIN

11 months after founding Ars Culinaria, a perfect place has found us. A place where culinary & culture come together. A place where we can just "be" ("SEIN").


Hohlstrasse 355

8004 Zürich

If you have any event ideas for cultural events (book readings, poetry slam, little concerts, etc.), please connect with us!

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