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high quality cooking skills

Crafting the story of your event

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More than Culinary

more than culinary & caterings
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we celebrate ingredients

We celebrate ingredients


Ars culinaria

At Business events, private dinners, weddings, birthdays or any other gastronomical experience:
No matter the size or location of your adventure - we make it happen.

Food Credo

We take pure ingredients with a sustainable background and add some epic cooking skills, a lot of passion and joy. The result? Inspiration, beauty and good nutrients on a plate. Seasonal, local and yet innovative.


Ars Culinaria is more than balanced, colourful food. We are crafting the story of your event because we believe it takes more than just good food to excite you. Therefore we design, plan and coordinate an inspiring holistic experience.


Pop Up Restaurant

We see culinary as an art.
That's why we turn it into
a holistic experience.
We create unforgettable
events and serve aromas
you will want to taste again.

Dunja Gusic

Head of Communication and Marketing

Nico Baldermann

Head of Culinary Arts

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